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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and Pruning is an important part of your seasonal landscaping activities and we always make sure that all your trees are clean, neat and perfectly manicured so that you enjoy majestic, healthy and gorgeous trees all year long.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a highly technical and dangerous job which cannot be performed in the lack of heavy and specialized machinery. The safe and correct removal of a tree requires professional workers, plenty of safety measures with competitive equipment.

Land Clearing

If you want to clear your land for pasture, the introduction of playgrounds, sports fields, new lawns, site preparation and development or nature and recreational space creation, our land clearing services are the best money can buy.

Tree Emergency

Our certified & licensed professionals are ready to assist you in every emergency tree work situation. Fallen and hazardous trees need immediate intervention; this is why our workers are 24/7 ready to give you a hand no matter how difficult the job is.

Selby Construction

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Trees are the pillars of nature, majestic and resilient friends adding beauty and value to any property. Despite the common misconception that once established, trees need little to no care, Selby Construction firmly believes that trees should be a homeowner’s primary concern no matter the season.

Take a look at our services and schedule a free assessment with our expert tree service foreman! No matter what type of trees you have or what services you require, be sure that we have everything covered and our no-risk policies will keep your property and assets completely safe!

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Betty S.

Recently C&S Tree Service removed dead trees from our property. We found them to be prompt, courteous and very professional with their work. The cost was very reasonable and we would highly recommend them to anyone for their tree service needs.

S.W. Ellis

I had a huge tree leaning toward the house and I called C&S Tree Service for estimate. Shawn said he could meet me same day. When he showed up, he was dressed to work. Very professional and polite. Gave a reasonable estimate and I told him to cut it. They came that week and took care of it. They stacked all the wood up for me and piled brush where I wanted it. Even drove equipment on plywood so it wouldn’t rut my yard, and never got on the roof. Amazing people. Thank you Shawn.

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